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The Infinity Loop Group


The Infinity Loop Group is the coaching and consulting partnership with myself

and Riley Burns.  

Riley is a talented sales and customer professional whose understanding of The Infinity Loop and his ability to uniquely articulate it and connect others to the philosophy and tools, inspires and expands me.

Having grown up in a family of sales professionals, consultants, and coaches, Riley has been schooled from an early age in the art of connection, influence, service, communication, how to train and develop others, and how to create an exceptional experience. His values are connection, collaboration, community and celebration.

Our mother and son team teach and influence together as a dynamic, interactive, full-service force to support your company, vision, growth, and product.


                                                          For inquiries, contact:

                                                     Riley Burns



                THE INFINITY LOOP GROUP 

                                              YouTube Channel


                                                       launching this spring!

              Stay Tuned for details.

  We'll be teaching on the Infinity Loop.

From the tile museum in Lisbon, Portugal from my Oct., 2022 trip. 

I love the symbolism.....


Personal Coaching &

Men's Support Groups

Development in the integration of the Healthy Masculine with the Healthy Feminine in The Infinity Loop Model.

Men can then stand fully in the Healthy Masculine and be a healing force in the world.

Reach out for more information to join us!


  Infinity Health

  Operating System

We can see ourselves as an operating system where we program ourselves with the content (software) by what we watch, listen to and upload mentally, the food we eat, how we turn on our longevity and innate resources to heal through exercise, ancient practices, the latest in biohacking and research.

We do this to build and elevate to greater levels.

We take back control of our mind, body and spirit and program the system to live life at its highest levels. 

Infinity Health focuses on presenting natural solutions for modern health issues. How do one naturally create Emotional, Physical and Spiritual wellbeing?

Infinity Health creates structure and accountability to dive deep into concepts you've probably heard about. We humans communicate better when we're healthy and aware because we're able to understand what our body is telling us and we're able to communicate that better with others. We are better able to love well while practicing elegant and intelligent self-care.

We tap into our strength as we connect to the Infinite Field, as that field is humbly and gratefully aware of our ancestors who endured much harder circumstances than we are in our current comfort and convenience - which often works against our health and longevity. As our awareness rises, we're then able to see and experience how strong and powerful we are, we're able to heal, and discover the ultimate potential that's unlocked in us.

Through the support of natural things, we can make you the most superhero-like you've ever imagined yourself to be.

The idea that it can't happen to you because of whatever imaginary story you tell yourself just isn't true; there's too many examples of other people with a worse story who have turned their lives around; They've overcome.

We provide a shortcut to cut through all the systems to create and build on all great ideas - just like The Infinity Loop does. Just one more of the great ideas is what is the healthiest lifestyle.

      Reach out to learn more!


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