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    Krista Vorse is a transformational coach, consultant, counselor, teacher, and author who merges spiritual growth with Organizational Development. She develops people in their personal growth, relationships, and thinking processes.
  What Krista articulates in The Infinity Loop for Women, and her other upcoming books, comes from over a decade of her work in Training and Development, Organizational Learning, and Culture Change. 30 years of study in the psychology of influence, personal growth and development is woven into all she teaches. She’s worked with thousands of people from sales and customer service to management and leadership. Her coaching work with her private clients (individuals, couples, and families with adolescents) also informs her tools and teachings she creates. Krista’s expertise is developing others’ ability to shift quickly and think and act from a deeper level of connection, awareness, and inquiry. Her personal path and life lessons flow throughout all she shares with others.
  Krista’s a mystic who lives with the awareness that Love is holding us and Life is calling our name. That knowing creates expansions in our beings and our worlds. We tap into a connection with everyone and everything that makes all things possible. Krista equips people to see differently. When one is able to see differently, everything changes.

Justice ~ a method of restoration and healing

"God's power for Justice is precisely God's power to restore people when they are broken or hurt. God uses their mistakes to liberate them, to soften them, to enlighten them, to transform them, and to heal them." ~ Richard Rohr

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Lady Justice.jpg

         Lady Justice


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