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Healing from religious, spiritual, and cultic abuse is perhaps the most challenging abuse to recover from. I know. I've been there. The indoctrination usurped authority over us. It snuck in so devilishly into our joints, marrow, nervous system, our minds, hearts, relationships, our hearing and seeing. It has become the veil by which we don't see. We are asleep under this hypnotic force. 

When we wake up, getting free from the terror, the complications of relationships, the controlling force that claimed us, is a great feat. This is where the road to recovery begins.

It takes a mighty force to stand up to and slay this dragon that threatens to leave us for dust; mere ashes from the hellish onslaught against our souls. It wants nothing less than to claim our lives, our purpose, our freedom, our own empowerment.

With wise, skillful, empathetic, and sturdy support and coaching, we can find our own fire to breathe upon this dragon as we whole-heartedly and courageously choose to live the life we were born to live. We discover our power and we grieve over our powerlessness. Our recovery becomes our spiritual practice we follow the rest of our days. It becomes a gift - to know these depths of struggle and suffering, and to be in solidarity with a world and the history of civilization that has suffered under oppression. It becomes our doorway to love.

Not to my surprise, those coming out of deep trauma from this kind of abuse are finding their way to me. Everything I went through, everything I worked so hard to learn how to recover from, is only sweetness to me when I get the priviIege to help another who is limping along but determined to return home to themselves. 

If you have been through this kind of abuse, I can take you all the way home to your heart, mind, body, and soul.

The abundant life of freedom is possible.

Healing is possible by living in infinite possibilities in The Infinity Loop.

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