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     If you would like to be updated on all The Infinity Loop Tribal Movements, shoot me an email and I’ll put you on the list.
     I’ll send out tips on living in The Infinity Loop, resources that will help you live this life, and all the Tribal Movements that you can participate in or check out. Online courses, member groups, seminars, retreats, podcasts, …
     I’d love to hear from you and what you feel you need that will support you in The Infinity Loop.
     It’s apparent this book begs for ongoing support and deeper work. It's The Infinity Loop Spiritual Practice. So much depends on our development of ourselves to be able to show up for our lives in the most courageous way. A new learning or awareness comes to me and how I wish I knew it just a few weeks prior. The costs of not knowing or being free from ourselves in an area are real. But wisdom comes from our suffering. My heart leaps for joy to be able to share it with you, and for you to share your wisdom with me.
Thank you for being on this journey with me through this book. I hope we will connect sometime in some way.



Tribal Movement

to Change the World

The Infinity Loop



         Learning to Hear the Voice of Love

Currently only available as curriculum for my coaching clients and groups.

            Spiritual Development

        for the Mystically Inclined

Here's a list of books either under creation or currently used as curriculum for my coaching clients. 

-The Infinity Loop for Couples

-The Bounce: Recovery and Reinvention from What has Knocked Us Down

-Don't Mess with a Mystic: Finding Your Center that Can't be Shaken

-The Smartest Person in the Room: Recovery for Those Who've Suffered from Pathological People

-10 Tools to Help Transform Yourself, Your Relationships and the World

-Coaching Millenials

-Gaining the Gifts and Transforming Trauma from our Enemies

-Living Under the Water Wheel

-Being on the Pure Play Program Here On Out!

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