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Performance-Enhancement Specialist

Sales and Customer Service - Inbound and Outbound - Inside and Outside Sales and Customer Service

                - Training and Development - Strategy and Analytics - Script-writing and Monitoring 

                           - Coaching and Systems Creation for Sustainable and Scalable Cultures

With more than a dozen years experience working with hundreds of campaigns, and thousands of sales and customer service agents, I've played a key role in making companies a lot of money, while creating systems that will carry on successfully long after I'm gone. From finding lost opportunities, looking at every aspect of campaigns, to effectively and efficiently coaching and developing, implementing and documenting, I often fill in the holes in a company or support and develop those in the roles. I come alongside and help with leadership development, facilitation and communication, all to enhance revenue. 

With a proven sales and customer service, coaching and development written process, I help companies gain and retain customers they've worked so hard and invested in to create.

Together, we'll explore all that's possible for your company, your product, your team, your future.

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