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              Creating Systems

          that make your life sing

"You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems." - James Clear


I create systems. Whether it be in companies to create a sustainable and scalable culture of high-performance, or in homes and families, I create a life design. From your business, managing your possessions so they don't manage you, to mentoring kids in creating systems, I coach, consult, and create systems so you can live your most creative life. Designing systems will determine the course of your life, and the health of your being and relationships. The right systems will help you move closer to all you've dreamed for your life and worked so hard to build. By putting the puzzle pieces together we make a beautiful life.

If in person, I'm available to work intensively with clients to help create high-performing systems that reduce stress, make sense, promote health, fitness and wellness, save time, money and energy so you can live your best life. I can still work with clients remotely for what isn't needed for me to be physically there.

Many high-performing people have focused their energy toward an area of their life that has made them successful. They just need the support, strategy, and focus to create truly high-performing systems in other areas that may have been neglected.

I'm here to discuss what's not working and what infinite possibilites await.

It's all about culture. What is the culture you want to create in your home and/or entrepeneurial ventures? Is there anything you're promoting by default - that you don't want to be - by permitting it? Just like we change a culture in a company, just like we train and develop people in a company, we do that in our homes.

If you journaled about everything you wished was working in your life - from how many times during the week you had elegant and intelligent self-care by making sure you got your surfing time in, the brisks walks, the dog walks, the kids cleaning up after themselves without whining, the systems between business and home life, the kind of sex life that you both want if only you let go of the martyrdom and took your life as intentionally and passionately as you'd like to take each other, the communication you long to flow in where you're on the same page with so much less conflict and so much more connection, awareness, and inquiry - that list would be long and detailed if you allowed yourself to really want what you want. You have more money and resources than most in the history of civilization. Why not figure out how to enjoy life more and see how much of what you love and value can be in your life regularly? You need accountability to break the habits and beliefs that got you where you are.

The same thing I did with creating cultures I now do in clients' homes. The same way I coach and develop in companies I now do with children and adolescents and their parents. We can be at a healthy weight, with a healthy diet, exercise, sleep, lack of clutter and unnecessary chaos. We recognize our longings for systems is the voice of our souls whispering in our ear, wooing us to live a more abundant life. May you hear that voice in my words as I support, teach, guide, and do the grunt work/labor of designing your home and life so you stop sabotaging, beating yourself up, projecting your struggle onto others, and all the tricks we do that keep us from living beyond the anger and frustration to the solutions and systems that are simple and beautiful.

If you've read this far, maybe we should talk... It is a gift we give ourselves when we truly love ourselves in the healthiest way. Systems Design.... Life Design. The aesthetics of a beautiful and peaceful life.


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