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              Support for those in Recovery

                         and their loved ones


Breathing Under Water

Breathing Under Water is my ongoing support for those learning to live differently. They desire to change coping mechanisms that don't serve them. These coping patterns can lead to (Substance Use Disorders), dependancy on substances, shopping, sex, relationships, or anything else we use to medicate our pain, anxiety, and emptiness. Trauma, genes, bad-habits, physical and emotional pain, wanting to play, emotional struggle, and the nature of how our brains wire together, can all cause us to lose our way in how to best manage our lives.

Those affected by their loved one's behavior also need support. Often they have their own recovery to do with their codependency - how they've enabled, blurred the boundaries, lost themselves in trying to stay afloat. We need to see our own addictive patterns in our codependency and not see ourselves as superior to others whose addictions are more visible. 

Wherever you are in the recovery process, I'm here to help you turn struggle into transformation.

I began my recovery from codependency at age 25. I now know how to help people transform a lot quicker than I did. Many years ago I worked doing drama therapy in a treatment facility for adolescents. Along with my own life's struggles, that 18 months opened my heart to those suffering. My life has had many people affected by addiction and emotional crisis in it. To be with the brave ones who are willing to learn how to show up for themselves and their lives, brings me great joy. Whatever view you subscribe to in dealing with addictive behaviors, it takes us down deep where spiritual development - our connection to ourselves and others, our surrender and soul's guidance - is needed.

It then all becomes a gift. It woke us up to a world we did not know. It turns drowning people into mermaids.


We all need guidance, support, compassion, skills, and every tool we can access to work with our brains, bodies, emotions, relationship patterns, triggers, beliefs, and surroundings, to change course and remain on the path that gives us what our souls yearn for.

This journey may be the greatest trip you ever take. Let me help you learn to breathe under water. You are greater than you know. 

Someone who has gone through this transformation, recently shared:

"The breathing underwater thing is very significant to me because I feel that’s exactly what I’ve been going through. I even had a dream recently where I fell into the ocean. I didn’t panic. I just thought, “Well, I’ll take a breath or two and drown and it will be a peaceful death. It was beautiful green water. 

So I took a breath expecting to inhale water and instead I started breathing! It was SO amazing! And I was breathing perfectly naturally underwater and swimming around with a sea turtle. I've since discovered that the sea turtle symbolizes peace. This dream was showing me how far I've come. It’s such a powerful metaphor."

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