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Coaching & Support

for those going through Family Law issues


                  "Become like water, my friend." 

                    ~ Bruce Lee

I work with you in what may be the most stressful, vulnerable and serious time of your life; your marriage is ending or you are facing custody or agreement issues again.

How you move through the hazards, everything said and not said to the parties involved - those who have power to determine your future - must be taken with the utmost care and strategy. How we think clearly or not clearly, how we give in or don't, how we get triggered or stay calm, healthy, and expansive, may very well be determined by the coaching and support we receive at this precarious time.

By coaching and supporting you, along with your legal counsel, you can use this time for transformation and healing for you and those you hold dear who will be affected by the outcomes of this expensive and threatening process. I'm quite familiar with the California courts and all that can go wrong when you just don't see it coming. My children and I were casualties of the court system and I have since helped others through it by my wisdom, knowledge, coaching and support so they didn't make the mistakes I did. And I can help you.

I make the legal team's job easier because I help their client be at their best. I help clients show up in the best possible light; I look out for my clients with the laser sharp focus so they never look back with heart-ache and regret because they were too fragile from all that came before them and that never seemed to be ending. 

We need to live in peace and heal our wounds moving forward. We need the long view financially and for the well-being of our children. I had a mediator, an attorney, a therapist, friends, family and the church coaching me; what I needed was older and wiser Krista and to trust my instincts, not the cacaphony that was only made more discordant by my own trauma. 

I can work with you, your children, your ex-spouse, your attorney, and anyone involved. 

Remember, beauty can come from ashes and growth and freedom can come from the hardest things in life.

As I was thinking of writing this today, and instinctively was drawn to the image above of the water, my son Riley who is my best friend and coaching partner in certain aspects of my business, shared with me his thoughts about how our spiritual practice relates to water; we had just returned from swimming in the ocean in Santa Barbara where we nearly daily swim together.

The significance of his thoughts are not wasted as our relationship and the beautiful life we have together is a testament to infinite possibilities and all the Infinity Loop can do for our lives. We have both dedicated our lives to learning to live in the Infinity Loop and from there, coaching and supporting anyone who feels hope and freedom wooing them to a great life.

This is what Riley said to me:

"From the famous quote by Bruce Lee, 'You must be shapeless, formless like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water, my friend.'

And how this applies to our spiritual practice, is you can be the warrior of the water. You can always win by taking the calmer approach. When the violence of the rocks and the hate comes at you, you are allowed to absorb it and allow it to pass through you like water because it isn't you; they are attacking an image of you that is not you because you are the water and able to move through things, past things. And you are always strong and always going to win because you are the water and you are going to be consistent and going to keep pushing."

We win when Love wins; we don't become a cacophony ourselves but a radiant hum that raises everyone to the higher frequency. We don't collapse, we don't make unwise assumptions, we don't stand up in the process without elegance and grace. May you become stronger and like water through this time in your life. Reach out if you'd like some coaching to do what seems impossible to do and be. Become like water, my friend.

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