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                                INFINITY LOOP KIDS

The Infinity Loop Kids is the set of tools and skills to help children, parents and caregivers create a positive, empowering, calm, present, curious and heart-centered approach to a peaceful and joyous home life. We take the principles of connection, awareness, and inquiry, respect, learning, humility, and curiosity with high structure and high support to mentor children to identify their feelings - which is a key factor in helping them regulate and learn how to live emotionally sober lives. By identifying what they are feeling, children can learn appropriate vulnerability and care how they are treating others. Kids can learn early to live lives of skilled communication, connection in love to others, honesty that is grounded in humility and connection and inquiry, and discover how much power they have by the way they know and care for themselves, and influence others from their own awareness. 

They can learn early the difference between using their egos to poke and violate others' boundaries so they can alleviate their boredom or insecurity, and finding how to be flooded with great chemicals created by their own brains and bodies when they are connected to themselves and others. Children feel high-esteem from having the skills to Dialogue and be a thoughtful contributor to the culture of the family. 

In a playful and fun atmosphere, children feel safe and equipped, as do their parents, to be honest, present, connected, and understood. They can get skills in childhood that many adults still don't have. We teach all the tools from the Infinity Loop that are useful for their development. 

Kids Playing Tug of War
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