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Creating a High-Performance Culture that's both Sustainable and Scalable

“It can be said that all great failures in practical and professional life stem from parallel failures in conversation. The problems most organizations have – improving performance, obtaining desired results – can be traced directly to the inability to think and talk together, particularly at critical moments.”  

   – Bill Isaacs

When done effectively, dialogue confronts the assumptions, concerns, fears, beliefs, and dreams of all participants  to make the highest quality decisions from the deepest place of awareness. Dialogue produces the most powerful actions/results in harmony with the espoused values and highest quality intentions of all stakeholders, thereby addressing the problem of habitually, unintentionally, enacting results nobody wants.

Disciplined Decision Making is about surfacing better data to make better decisions. Clearing the obstacles that fog our thinking and hinder our ability to access our deepest truth enables us to become better problem solvers and leaders.
When we’re able to surface our limiting beliefs and assumptions, and dialogue and think together, where nothing is undiscussable, we break through to all that is possible for us.
Learning and practicing the principles that create the container for collaboration and innovation entirely changes lives. We don’t have to stay stuck in stressful patterns we automatically fall back to that haven’t gotten us the results and freedom we so deeply desire.
No one sets out to hinder their organization from operating at the highest level possible. However, our self-sealed beliefs ensure we will continue to get unintended consequences that undermine the vison we hold for ourselves and our organization. We have a dream and we fall short of it. But there's a way back; your dream is the light that will guide you.

Disciplined Decision Making:
Clearing the fog allows us to use our energy in service of our genius instead of in self-protection and self-preservation. It’s the fog (lack of clarity) that drains our energy, inspiration and creativity, not the work. Then what we give our lives and time to generates more joy and meaning. The negativity, stagnation, status quo, and lack of innovation blocks us from realizing what we believed could be possible when we first set out on our adventure in our organizations, relationships and pursuits.
Learning to think together is foundational to any real collaboration. Without this skill, we work against each other because of the walls we inevitably hit in ourselves and others. Our attachments to our perceptions of ourselves and our point of view keep us from the humble inquiry that leads to true co-creating.
The ability to surface better data is a skill that's paramount to all great decision making.
I’m about treating the organization and the individual. I’ve studied dozens of models and processes, and created my own.

Some of the Models I teach to clients based on needs include:
• The Four Fields of Conversation
• Language for Improving Dialogue
• Two Models of Governing Values
• Single Loop and Double Loop Learning
• Five Practices of Sustainable Growth
• The Ladder of Inference
• Competing Commitments
• Emotional Intelligence in Improving Performance
• Coaching and Developing Through Questions
• Re-Designing Your Future
• Discussing the Undiscussables
• Levels of Moral Development
• Blocks to Dialogue
• The Six Principles of Influence
• Temperament Assessment and Adaptation Training
• Mindfulness, Empathy and Connection Tools
• 5 Steps to World Class Coaching, Sales and Customer Service
• Thinking, Fast and Slow and Seeing What Others Don’t
• The Role of Ego in Organizational Learning
• The Second Look

Krista Vorse
Krista Vorse is an Organizational Development Specialist. In her program, Disciplined Decision Making she helps individuals and organizations get the results they originally sought to create. Her skills in corporate work have benefitted her work in developing individuals and the relationships around them. Krista has 30 years of sales and marketing experience. She has worked with multi-billion dollar companies helping them train and develop their sales and customer service teams. Inquiry and mindfulness are at the heart of her work. Krista’s work includes personal growth and development, executive coaching and leadership development, dialogic problem solving, and team building. She does performance development, training and coaching to create world class sales and customer service teams. Krista’s expertise in creating scalable and sustainable high performance cultures has enabled her to work with some of the biggest brands in their industries.

                        THE INFINITY LOOP FOR COUPLES

A Couple & Their Cat

I'm currently writing a book on The Infinity Loop principles just for couples. This is the model I use for my couples coaching. It's spiritual development, relationship tools, thinking models, healing and transformation, and systems design, (which is what systems need to be put in place to make a life together flow with less stress, chaos, and with healthy structure and accountability).


Couple's Communication Coaching







Creating a life together based on safety, transparency, honesty, and a commitment to growth and healing. Together we create the container for all that's possible. We can transcend our small selves and show up for ourselves and our partners in a magnificent way.

I’ve found that many couples, families and relationships don’t have a container – rules of engagement – to communicate in a deeply collaborative way. In the Transcendent Couple model, I like to think of the couple on the same side of the tennis court versus playing against each other. In this model, it’s lots of transparency to help each other see what’s coming, see what we’re not seeing, share experience and data in a way that’s open to feedback. Every tool, every interaction is rooted in inquiry, awareness and connection. I’ve used these tools in my corporate work to develop people into leaders and Disciplined Decision Makers. There are some great thought models that come out of MIT and other Think Tanks that are being used to solve some of our biggest problems.  When we're aware of our thinking, and get past our habitual patterns and brain tracks, a whole new world opens up. We can move past debate and breakdown to inquiry and generative flow together where we transcend our egos. We realize we’re talking about ideas, not identity. Our emotional intelligence grows, our awareness expands, our minds can learn what we don’t know, and true intimacy happens. We don’t need to destroy love by being 'truthful' and spewing. That 'truthfulness' isn't coming from connection, awareness, and inquiry. From a deeply grounded spiritual practice that connects us to our heart and one another, we speak from there 'truthfully' with honesty, curiosity, and humility. This becomes the presence we take out into the world as an individual and as a couple. This kind of presence can change our relationships and the world.


These skills become the new grid by which we see, understand and respect those around us. We naturally become more curious, and curiosity brings more connection and love into our culture. We’re better in our work relationships, friendships, and mentoring. Love is the most powerful force to help people grow. When we want to learn about someone else’s point of view, we move beyond our protected egos to a more expansive life. We now know how to navigate conversations to get past ours and others' self-sealed views.

In my coaching, the couple's wounds are surfaced so they can heal in the context of the coaching and the relationship.

Lots of other principles, healing, and willingness to be present are needed to move a couple to this quality of connection, all of which I can offer you.
I’d love to explore with you all that’s possible.


The foundation of all my work is based on creating a learning feedback loop between myself and my clients and my clients and their relationships. 

This feedback loop is about making our thinking processes known and inviting the other person to help us with what we’re seeing or not seeing. This dialogue model creates true teamwork as we learn to think together.

The way I'm using the term 'feedback loop' here is in terms of it being the opposite of being both self-sealed and being overly attached to our own assumptions and stories. It frees us from our limitations and allows us to learn, reflect, connect, inquire, be aware and grow. Feedback is key to cultivating empathy and emotional intelligence.

I’ve synthesized the best models from forward thinkers with models I've created to empower my clients to create a communication container that makes it safe to discuss any topic. We can safely and productively discuss “the undiscussables.” We can maintain emotional boundaries and create more love, connection, truth and intimacy to help come up with the creativity and innovation necessary to solve big problems. 

Within the framework of increased inquiry, awareness and connection, we can experience all that is possible.

-Create a calm, supportive and honest relationship
-Understand your partner better
-Reduce conflict in your relationship
-Have a more satisfying relationship with your partner
-Be able to discuss anything in a safe way
-Experience more joy in your relationship
-Gain the ability to feel heard and to hear your partner


Holding Hands


Spiritual, Communication and Leadership Development to support you in your work

Leadership  *  Communication  *  Dialogue  *  Thinking Models  *  Decision-Making  *  Inquiry

  This is my private coaching to develop and support you wherever you feel you need it for your career.
Sometimes we get feedback regarding an area that is holding us back. Sometimes the stress in navigating the culture is causing us to unravel. Sometimes our old patterns of coping and communication are no longer sustainable and are bringing unintended consequences that we can no longer ignore. 

This coaching is also for development for those who want to learn the tools to develop others and move into a more

people-developing career in Organizational Development and they need to have a system and knowledge and understanding to teach others. I share all my tools for you to use in your own career as a developer of others if that is what you choose.





Everything in life prepared us for this moment. Nothing is wasted. We don't realize what's inside us, how resilient we are, how innovative we can be. We know there's more for us but we're not sure how to get there. We're feeling the challenges we're facing - alone, as a couple, a family, or an organization. How do we rise above the fog to see and soar like we dream is possible? I want to do that. And I believe together we can. We know it's not, but let's call it magic anyway - Transformational Change, that is. Soaring is about the high we get when our minds and hearts shift and the new view of ourselves, others, and our vocations become expansive. I'm here to support, coach, teach, and facilitate the change that makes all the difference.


The Leap
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Burst of Light




Once a week you and I will meet, face to face via Zoom or in person if local. You'll learn through inquiry, awareness and connection to yourself and others, what is needed to show up for your life in the most courageous way. We'll explore how to love well while practicing elegant and intelligent self-care. You'll learn communication tools for any and all organizations you're in. You'll become a better leader, Disciplined Decision Maker, and more skilled at making your thinking processes transparent and helping others think together. You'll become more contemplative in your stance toward all that comes at you, and see what is needed to participate in the flow of your unique journey. High performance is thrilling, even as we challenge our long held self-sealed beliefs. Coaching is about helping you create new brain tracks that move you as quickly as possible to where you dream of being.


Scenic Bike Ride


Coaching, Support and Facilitation for life's biggest changes



Sometimes what's needed to help you get through the storm and show up for your life in the the most courageous way, is a special kind of support and resource. Sometimes when you need coaching, the opportunity is time sensitive and it's not helpful to have to wait until the next scheduled coaching time. Sometimes having the freedom and availability to get the coaching support when the need arises is the only thing that makes sense to you and those involved. Sometimes you need someone to research and facilitate what you/your family needs. That's when My Concierge Coach program is the best way to get you what

you need. Crisis is a tricky thing; it can tax even the best relationships when you look to them for support; well-meaning loved ones often fall into the trap of advice-giving and create more fear in the one struggling by communicating their own fear and concern. They're only trying to help. But as friends and family, the intentions behind the words don't always translate to a positive impact. Well-meaning advice-givers may think they're safe people but that's not always the the way the struggling person experiences it. Sometimes advice-giving just makes things worse. When that happens, the one in crisis can feel pushed down under the waves and it can be scary as hell. I know. I've been there. Even our most intimate relationships can be strained when one takes on the role of advice-giver. We need each other. Family and friends aren't 'something' we should toss aside because we lack the skills to handle one another's struggles.


We're moving more into a concierge type of service in our world. Now is the time for those of us who find great meaning in supporting and serving others. Finding the right resources, facilitating and coordinating collaboration, teaching and providing a safe communication container, while being a gentle but sturdy support - is what My Concierge Coach is about. Like a concierge doctor you can call anytime to be there for you, you too will receive the support you/your family needs. You've worked hard to build the life you want for yourself and your family. I'll help you get past the obstacles into the powerful transformational experiences. I've navigated some extremely rough waters in my life and spent my life learning to give what I needed most. I combine the best of my tools and skills into this program to help you connect and trust your deepest self. Together we can find the calm center that is your truest friend. But you and I will also become friends for life.



If you'd like to hear what we're up to that may serve you, let us know where to email you. 

"You are most powerfully positioned to help the person you once were."

                               ~Rory Vaden

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